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Dong Van Karst Plateau - The most epic motorcycle loop
Dong Van Karst Plateau is located in the northeastern province of Ha Giang, a mountainous province in the far north of Viet Nam.

The Unesco Global Geopark is located at an extension foot mount East of the Himalayas.

Most of its surface is limestone (about 60%). Its landscape is spectacular and unique having high mountains and deep canyons.

The highest peak is Mieu Vac Mount (1971m) while Tu San is the deepest Canyon (700-800 m deep).

Dong Van Karst Plateau landscape boasts spectacular high mountains and deep canyons, giving it its reputation for its incredible, largely untouched limestone karsts and winding mountain roads.

It is also home to the unusual and mysterious Tonkin snub-nosed monkey, one of the 25 most endangered species of primate in the world according to Unesco. The rare creature is only found in Ha Giang province and was believed extinct until its rediscovery in the early 1990s.

The area is home to over 250,000 people from 17 different ethnic groups, each holding a unique culture that has been cultivated over generations.

The Geopark has two natural conservation areas rich in fauna and flora species such as conifers, Asian black bear, Southern serow (a solitary mountain goat) and many species of bird.

The geology in this Unesco Global Geopark reflects important events in Earth history, like of two mass extinction boundaries of Frasnian-Famennian (360 million years ago) and Permian-Triassic (250 million years ago).

Both the natural and cultural significance of the Dong Van Karst Plateau makes it a worthy stop on any traveler’s itinerary.

On the way to Dong Van Karst Plateau

Dong Van Karst Plateau was the first site of Vietnam to be recognized by Unesco. Non Nuoc Cao Bang was the second site that made into the list.


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